Why is the quality of the product matters for business?

Recently, there a lot of options available for the customers when it comes to purchasing any product or service, in this you may be thinking whether the importance of quality still exists or not. Well, the answer is yes and the quality is not only related to the services and products that should be moreContinue reading “Why is the quality of the product matters for business?”

Avoid repeating your mistakes for successful business

Whether it is a business or it’s your life, it is important to learn new things from your mistakes which you have done when you were thinking to apply a strategy in your business or wants to do something new in your life for making it better than before. But, many people are geniuses inContinue reading “Avoid repeating your mistakes for successful business”

How the height of success can be achieved?

Unquestionably, getting success and maintaining it is not easy for every person in this world. There are a lot of people who really works hard but their luck does not allow them to taste success in their life. But, when it comes to Edmond Masjedi he has attained it at every step of life andContinue reading “How the height of success can be achieved?”

Edmond Masjedi Now In Entertainment Industry

The most successful businessman Edmond Masjedi has now entered the world of entertainment. After investing and working in various fields such as the plastic industry, clothing industry, food beverage industry, Eddie Masjedi is now stepping into the world of glamor and gossips. He is back with a new blog on WordPress called Eddie Masjedi- EdmondContinue reading “Edmond Masjedi Now In Entertainment Industry”

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